Wednesday, August 12, 2009

exciting things on the horizon!

Well, as it's been several months since we started trying to get pregnant, you can imagine that we're becoming a bit impatient. So... we've decided it's time to meet with a fertility doctor. It's a little scary to think about, mostly because most people I've known who have gone the "fertility" route end up with multiples.

There's no doubt in my mind that hubby and I would make fantastic parents, but can I really handle more than one at a time? Plus, with multiples, you always run the risk of being bedridden for MONTHS before the birth. Which I'm sure the people at my job wouldn't be very keen on. They gave me SO much crap about missing 2 days of work for my wedding, and even docked my pay for it (cruel, eh?), so I have little faith in cooperation from them with a pregnancy.

However, the biggest dream of my life is is to be a mother, and J and I have talked about this for literally years. So... I'll have to put my faith in God's plan, and hope that things work out for the best. In the last year, I've really begun to make an effort to relax and know that things in life are not always determined by our actions, but by a bigger plan. If I can do that and just go with whatever comes my way, I find myself much more at peace... which is definitely good!

Anyway, so we've been doing some research on doctors, and are making our first appointment next week! Yay!!

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