Tuesday, February 16, 2010

so I finally made the switch.

It was time. And as much as I hated to, I finally changed my URL so those who found my blog and caused me problems can no longer do so. I really really hate to keep bringing this up, but what I hate even more is the fact that I'm thinking about it. And unfortunately, because I'm thinking about it, I'm not writing. I feel compromised and hurt by what happened, and the only thing that makes it worse is the fact that it's invaded my MOST personal space and my most personal thoughts.

One of the most beautiful things about the blog world is that you can be as conspicuous as you like. There are some bloggers that could be considered "famous" in their own right. On the other side of the coin, there are plenty of bloggers who choose to keep their identities shrouded for the sake of privacy. So far, I have found myself in the middle. I don't mind people knowing my name, it doesn't bother me to post pictures of myself and my husband, but at the same time, I know that there really isn't anyone out there that I "know" reading my blog.

That level of inconspicuousness is comfortable for me. I have always felt that I can be candid and true to my feelings without censoring my thoughts "just in case" someone specific reads whatever I write. My husband has the link to my blog, but he rarely reads it unless I ask him to. Sometimes there are things I like to get his opinion on because he has the insight into my life that no one else has, and he's also a very talented writer. We're good that way. But other than him, it's just you. All of you out there that I may know on a first name basis, or even a pseudonym basis only. I like it that way. I value your opinions and I treasure your comments. You don't judge me from an emotional basis, or on a personal level for any reason, and that to me is unbelievably liberating.

So in light of the fact that I felt that link of privacy had been broken, and it was in turn hampering my writing in a way that essentially left me dead in the water, I decided to change my URL. The people who "know" me probably won't notice a difference since I decided to leave the actual name of my blog the same, but at least now I feel a little safer.

This is a HUGE time in my life and in the course of my family, and I want to write about it! Not to mention all the "regular stuff" that I like to write about. I'm done being stifled, and I'm done being scared. IN the grand scheme of things, a URL is such a small thing anyway. :)

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