Saturday, May 22, 2010

guilty dreams

I'm having dreams about not being pregnant anymore. I think it's because it's getting towards the end and the REAL discomfort has set in.

I'm dreaming of spending hours in the kitchen again cooking as my heart desires. I miss cooking. I have done little to none of it since I became pregnant because standing on my feet in a hot kitchen is no fun. I was really afraid for awhile that I had lost my inspiration, so I am very glad to see it returning.

I'm dreaming of vacations. White, sandy beaches, crystal-blue water, and a breeze blowing my hair. It's summertime so everyone I know is gearing up for their vacation time. No vacations for us this year. While I am SO thrilled about our little girl, I am definitely resisting the urge to scratch my vacation itch. It seems like it's time for one...

I'm dreaming of having drinks with friends. A delicious glass of buttery white wine, a margarita on the patio of our favorite mexican food restaurant, a Bud Light Lime out by the pool... Yum.

According to the doctor, in all likelihood I will not be making it all the way to my due date- which is a huge relief. She's already 7lbs 4oz, and I still have 3 weeks until she's "due," I can't imagine how huge she would be if she went the whole 40. The thought of a 10lb baby coming out of my vagina scares the living crap out of me! So... we're praying for early.

Everything hurts "down there". Nothing seems to be functioning properly. Time spent standing or walking around is time spent regretting not staying on the couch. I have to pee like 100 times a day- no joke- I should buy some stock in toilet paper, haha.

I'm packing my bag for the hospital this weekend. Hopefully that will be like getting up to go to the bathroom while you're waiting for your food at a restaurant. Somehow, it always seems to help speed things along.

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