Monday, January 16, 2006


I think it's so funny how people behave sometimes. Not funny, haha, funny stupid. I would like to think that i surround myself with intellegent, mature, adults, but apparently I am mistaken.

I'm sorry, but taking a stab at me by deleting me off your myspace friends list is NOT going to hurt my feelings. It's going to hurt YOU. I dont even understand the rationality behind it- do I care if I have one less "friend" on my list? No, because quite frankly the people who are my real friends anyway stand by me in life and do not feel the need to validate each other on a stupid website.

I am not a child, and I consider myself a reasonably intellegent person capable of adult conversation and a sound ability to handle confrontation if necessary. Unfortunately it seems that my attempts to be honest, forthcoming and sincere have only served to piss a couple of people off. People who, rather than come to me and talk about it, decide instead to find a solution by means of pettiness.

Well, fine then... you don't want to be my friend? I don't need you anyway... 

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