Monday, December 11, 2006


I have never been a religious person. I have never attended church on a regular basis, nor have I ever actually been a member of a congregation. That's ok with me. I am spiritual and I know what I believe and that is good enough for me. Since moving to Houston almost 3 years ago, I could not help but hear of Lakewood Church and its minister Joel Osteen. While I have never attended Lakewood Church, I frequently watch Joel's sermon on TV on Sunday nights. It is always refreshing, and no matter what it is that I am struggling with, I can turn on his sermon and he will inevitably be speaking about whatever it is I'm going through.

Tonight it struck me hard because his sermon was called "Sowing the Seed in your Time of Need". He was talking specifically about relationships and when other people hurt you. He recounted the story of a woman friend of his who repeatedly found herself giving and giving of herself only to continue to get hurt by the guys she dated. Hmmm... sound familiar? Does to me! Anyway, the things he said really made me feel better about the things that happened this weekend and gave me hope that someday I will find someone who really cares for me the way I care for them.

Good ol' Joel. Thanks buddy.

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