Wednesday, January 17, 2007

more blogs.

I sometimes forget that these things are public. I go through these phases when I write and I write in an attempt to emtpy my head of the thoughts swimming around in my brain. It makes me feel better, gets me to sleep finally, and lets me get on with my life. 

Then I wake up the next day and check myspace (like a true blue addict) only to find that 39 people have read my blogs today! Wow! I am flattered beyond words. I mean really, I guess that I'm the only one who can see it, but since I started blogging, 2,867 people have read my blogs. (Or two people have read them 2,867 times, haha!) 

Just the other day, this whole concept was reinforced by the most unexpected piece of mail from the most unexpected source. However it happened and whoever had a hand in it, I greatly thank you... it truly was a gift.

Anyway, thanks for making me feel like someone's listening. Hopefully in the process, everyone doesn't think that I'm a complete nut. haha

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