Monday, January 26, 2009

vegas marketing tactics.

This little jewel came in the mail for Jerry and I today. It says: "When I do becomes I don't... we can help." There's a picture of a wedding cake with some broken bride and groom dolls on top. LOL It's basically a flier for getting a divorce. Oh yeah, and there's a coupon on the back to get a discount when filing a divorce or annulment.

What is going on here?!? All I can think is that since people like Britney Spears get married on Vegas and change their minds the next day, they must have a pretty nice business working there. I'm just imagining the employee of this company that gets sent to the marriage license office every Monday morning to pick up the list of newly issued marriage licenses. I can think of no other reason to send this kind of things to newlyweds. But it is quite hilarious, LMAO!!

At least they gave us 5 months to think about it first...

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