Monday, June 22, 2009

working through the work.

It seems like no matter when it is that I stop to take stock of my life, it is always filled with things.

Last week I approached an anniversary that I would rather forget, one that changed my life and my husbands forever. June 19, 2008 I lost my job. To make a REALLY long story short, I had invested 5 years, countless overtime hours, not to mention blood, sweat and tears into my job. It was my plan, it was my future, and I was safe there. Or so I thought. Things came crashing down in such a way that is unreal even to me (the person who experienced it!).

What made it worse, was that my husband had just returned from a 2 week stint overseas entertaining the troops with a USO comedy tour. In order to take that opportunity, and to share his support with our troops, he had to leave his job the week before he left for Iraq. I was totally supportive, and we were totally secure. I was making more than enough salary for the both of us, and it was important thing in both of our hearts that he go over there and share some laughter with the people who need it most.

Within days of his return, I lost my job and we were beside ourselves. Both of us unemployed only a mere 3 months before our big Vegas wedding weekend. Needless to say, wedding aside, we were at our lowest point imaginable.

So last week and this I have been thinking about the last year and everything that has happened. This time last year we had nothing but each other. Luckily I had savings earmarked for the wedding, so we were able to keep up with bills, etc. and my parents generously supplemented the wedding fund to help us through. But we were at rock bottom, with only each other to cling to. I think that time is one of the most prominent in the "history of hubby and I" that really solidified our future in my mind. Don't get me wrong, I always knew I wanted to marry him, but after all that, I knew life could throw nothing at us that we could not endure together.

(The cat4 hurricane that nearly wiped us off the face of the planet on the weekend IMMEDIATELY following our wedding was another instance of that solidarity...)

So what did we do? The only thing we could do. We picked each other up and clawed our way back out. I took the first job that came along, and so did he. (in this economy, we were fortunate to get work so quickly...) Now, only a year later, hubby has established his own business that has him booked solid for the next 4 months. I have implemented a new division at my job that has subsequently allowed me to cut my office hours down to Tuesdays and Thursdays, and be at home the rest of the week.

Not only are we doing better financially than we were back then, but we're happier. We worked hard to get back up, and I think it means more now. It means that no matter what speed bumps we may come across, we know we are capable of starting over - starting from scratch if needed.

It's hard for me to look back and not remember the anger and betrayal we felt then. Nothing could have prepared us for what happened, but I am SO proud of us for getting back up, and getting going. Things have improved so drastically since then, and it's only been a year!I see terrible headlines about people committing suicide, killing their families, burning their foreclosed houses down, etc. and I think... my GOD. So many people are struggling, so many people feel that they have nowhere to turn. It is those times when we must look within ourselves and determine what we are really made of.

I pray more now. Hubby definitely prays more than he did then. And every single day I thank the Lord, my lucky stars, and any other higher power that will listen for giving us the strength, endurance and gumption to keep going and stay positive.

There are no dead ends in life. Only opportunities to make a new path.


  1. Very insightful and true. Einstein said--Through Clutter, find Simplicity.
    Through Discrod, find Harmony.
    Through difficulty lies opportunity.
    I might have screwed up the last line, but I know the first two are right for obvious reasons. I sent this quotable magnet to a friend of mine to illustrate sunshine in his life. Yes, times are tough, but we'll get through and somewhere, there is a wonderful opportunity to grow, be challenged, exhibit strength.
    I agree 100% and congratulations on being so positive in your hindsight/present/future.

  2. Thanks Harmony, you by far are one of the most positive people I have run across in the blogging world, and I take quite a bit of inspiration from your patience and positive outlook on life! Thanks for stopping by, and sharing encouragement and support!

    I'll definitely look up that Einstein quote... :) Take care!

  3. My grandmother always used to say two things-- what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger, and nothing that's worth doing is easy.

    My husband and I got married in 2005. We flew out to move to London a month later on the very day that Katrina hit and I couldn't talk to my family for two weeks! The first few months we were there were miserable-- no family, no money, didn't understand anything, no home! And once we finally figured some stuff out, for the next year all we really had to rely on was each other. So I get where you're coming from. That brought us so much closer than most couples our age. We get comments all the time about that. I have a feeling you and your hubby are probably the same.

    He's a comedian? Is it fun being married to a comedian? I can't decide if I'd like it or if it would get old, haha. I guess it depends on the person.

  4. Yeah, it's weird how timing makes such an impact on your life!

    haha! Yes, it is fun! He's not one of those over the top, has-to-be-entertaining-all-the-time kind of guys, but we always laugh together. And that's important, I think!


  5. What a great story. I was so glad to read through to the happy, uplifting finish. Not enough of those kind of endings happening these days. It gives me heart.

  6. Thanks Pyzahn, that makes my day! I am enjoying reading through your blog as well. :)

  7. Hi! You're in Houston, aren't you? I came to your blog via Wendy at On the Front Porch and was so surprised when it popped up and there was dear old H-town's skyline! Isn't it crazy what life throws at us sometimes? I'm so glad to hear that you and your husband (I refer to mine as hubby in my blog also!)are doing so well. Isn't it lovely that no matter what, God's right there with us? I just wish I'd remember that more when things are going really well ~ it's like i have to reMIND myself, for goodness sakes, to pray when things are going good!
    I'm so excited to find a fellow Houston blogger!

  8. This post is moving. It speaks volumes about your commitment not just to each other but to living life in a positive manner. I applaud you both. Thank you for brightening my day, Rachael. ~~~