Sunday, September 27, 2009

feeling violated.

My wallet was stolen this week. Stolen right out of my purse, and I was no more than 2 feet away. I guess that's really the problem... I should have never been any distance away from my purse, but I suppose that's what cushy live in suburbia does to you... makes you feel safe.

I was at the grocery store to pick up dog food, and since it was the middle of the week, there were not many people in the store so it was quiet and uncrowded- my favorite way to shop. There was another woman on the aisle, who piqued my suspicion as she crept closer to my basket. However, I am not the type of person to automatically assume the worst, in people especially, so I didn't think too much of it. The gears started clicking in my head as I realized she was stooped over looking at a 50 lb. bag of kibble with no shopping cart to put it in. Unbeknownst to me, her little act was her cover for reaching into my purse and snagging my wallet. I hurried to my purse - suspicions heightened - only to find that my wallet was missing.

It's funny the things you think about when presented with a situation like this. Again, I take full responsibility for being naive and too trusting when it comes to other people's character. This is not the first time it has gotten me in a pickle. So I'm looking in my wallet thinking -

"Holy crap, where's my wallet?"
"Did I leave it at home?"
"Is it in the car? Did my purse spill out on the way here?"

And other various ridiculous questions to myself. When I finally resigned myself to the fact that this mystery woman had indeed taken my wallet, I began pursuit. (All of this happened in literally 30 seconds...) But of course, being quite the little expert at theft, she was long gone and so was my wallet.

Luckily, I don't have a large wallet with lots of important stuff in it. All she got was my drivers license, and 2 debit cards that I was able to cancel within 10 minutes. Of course, that didn't stop her from rushing to CVS and spending $450 first. (Who the heck can spend $450 at CVS?)

The silver lining to this situation is that apparently this woman is a "repeat offender" and they have been trying to nail her down for months. Apparently I am the first victim that has her on video. She was on video 3 times at the grocery, 1. stealing my wallet out of my purse, 2. running out the side entrance, and 3. getting in her car driving away... in all instances she was clearly holding my wallet in her right hand. They got her face on video again at CVS using my card. (Don't even get me started on why the HELL they didn't ID her for a purchase that large with a debit card.)

Anyway, the officer I have been working with has been really great, and this is apparently a pretty big deal because the DA is filing felony charges on her for the amount of $ she spent plus the theft, plus the other 4 cases they've been trying to get her on. So that's a plus.

The bank will refund the fraudulent charge when I get the paperwork filled out, and I will have to go get a new DL, but otherwise I am happy to be involved in this situation. At least my unfortunate ordeal has put me in a position to help put a pathological criminal behind bars on a felony charge.

That being said, my personal space has now been extended to a 3 feet radius around me, and my purse will no longer ride in the buggy, but will be firmly placed on my arm. Anyone not respecting this new resolution will be dealt with in whichever way I see fit. I may be a "nice person" but I certainly possess an underlying but extraordinary ability to tongue lash any potential malefactor into a puddle on the floor.

Everything happens for a reason... I just wish the things crossing my path these days didn't result in a hardening of my heart. I guess that's what it means to grow up... realizing the world is not an idealistic place where things always work out the way you want them to.


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  2. So sorry about your wallet. I can not imaginge how I would feel. I live is a small town so I would never excpect it to happen to me. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Wow, I am so sorry that happened to you. I hope she is caught soon! And you're right, how can you spend $450 at CVS? Crazy!

  4. I hope this comment makes it - none of the others have, unfortunately. ?

    My daughter had her DL stolen from a book store and checks were on the streets within hours. I hope this nasty individuals get exactly what they deserve.