Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Monday blues on Tuesday

Tuesdays are my Mondays... Hubby works his contract job Tuesday thru Friday, and is "off" Saturday thru Monday. Except lately, he's been working like a dog catapulting us towards our 5-year plan, so we don't get much time together.

No matter what, Monday is always our day. We may do nothing, but we always have at least one day as a family. With all this work going on, it's nice to have that insurance. We are such hermits, and we so treasure our time together, so having just one day is tough.

But... while we're working and away from each other, we're both dreaming of this...

And this...

and a little bit of this too...

Washington State. 

That's right... this is the grand dream. Moving to Washington, having some land, {which is apparently very affordable up there and easier to get than down south here} and just being free

Free to be ourselves, not entangled in a community of strangers in a suburb. Not bound by the ridiculous rules and busybodies of the HOA... ANY HOA. Watching our little girl run and play and truly have the chance to enjoy nature. 

Quiet. Peace. Seclusion.

No bumping bass pulling up across the street at 2am, no inconsiderate neighbors who let their cats run wild and pee all over our porch, kill my flowers, and eat our cat's food {who does not run wild consequently}. Nobody parking in front of our house. No registered sex offenders living too close for comfort. No unpredictable and unregulated renters junking up the neighborhood. No traffic. No one else's barking dogs. No neighbors smoking in the back yard, smoke wafting over the fence while the baby plays. 

Just us. Doing our thing. Being a family. And truly living.


  1. Hello fellow Houstonian! I've recently begun blogging again ~ congratulations on your little girl and being able to stay at home with her. It is exhausting but so worth it. I hope you realize your dream of owning land someday. That, too, is mine and my husband's dream. The older we get, the more afraid I am that it won't happen but we'll see. Never say never!

  2. I LOVE living in Washington! We are not as far out as I would like to be, still have neighbors and such. But we have a good size backyard and it overlooks a creek where the salmon run and we see otters and other bits of wildlife. The kids have some space to play and we have chickens. Our 5 year plan includes getting property and growing our own food. If you ever come out here you should let me know:)

  3. I am SO jealous!! And I will definitely let you know! There's nothing like moving off to a place where you know absolutely NO ONE. haha! That's exactly what we want to do... I'm boning up on my green thumb this summer. ;)