Monday, November 25, 2002

me and dylan.

Me and Dylan

We were four and seven
And could almost have been twins
With our sandy hair
And ocean eyes
That saw a jungle in our front yard.

The jungle was our home,
We were raised by smelly apes
And got as dirty as we wanted
Because we were savages.

Sometimes the jungle
Was a grocery store instead,
With leafy lettuce platters
Worm noodles
And chocolaty mud pies

All for the giant feast in our castle.
Of course I was the princess of the kingdom
And you were the funny little jester
Or the woodsman that hunted bugs.

Mom always grew impatient
Having to use our middle names,
Crossing her arms,
And furrowing her brow;
Trying to get us to come in
From our cul-de-sac play.

Covered in dirt,
Red with laughter,
Full of the memories that will last a lifetime
And tie us together,
Even if we are miles apart,
And miles away from the jungle of our childhood.

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