Monday, November 25, 2002

who to eat turkey with.

"Who To Eat Turkey With"

Green pine branches,
Glassy red ornaments,
Twinkling white star lights,
And mysterious packages wrapped in silver and gold
All capture my attention as
I walk into a house that is so familiar
For its spicy cinnamon smells,
And Crackling fireplace,
Looking for my mom’s big welcome home hug
And my family chattering away in the kitchen;
Since I only come home once or twice a year now,
It’s so easy to forget that my parent’s house
Is not so lively anymore- -
That they finally decided that not speaking to each other
For two years
Was not accomplishing anything,
And now my brother and I must decide
Who’s house to go to,
Who to eat turkey with,
And how we’re ever going to get to hang out
Together anymore.

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