Monday, November 25, 2002



Fear is the fiery-eyed dragon
Perched on the shoulder of my inner thoughts,
Taunting me to stay away.

Fear’s mammoth hand
Shoves me to the ground,
Grinding my face into the mud.

Fear’s searing breath
Hisses dark secrets in my ears,
Drawing me closer to it.

A voluntary captive of this evil beast
Tugging at me from the pit of my stomach,
Encircling my wrists with doubt,
Polluting my brain with Novocain.

Fear infects every fiber of my body,
Saturates every pore of my skin,
Dictates the exertion of every muscle.

Gaunt phantom of myself,
Obedient marionette to the sinister being inside.
Imprisoned in a dungeon of darkness,
Lined with insomnia and insecurity.

If only for a moment-
When fear blinks its watchful eye,
I could shiver,
Shake this snare upon me,
And fear would be no more.

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