Monday, May 18, 2009

it's the little things.

So I was admittedly feeling a little down in the mouth this morning. Let's chalk that up to a case of the Mondays. (even though I absolutely hate that phrase...) However, despite my initial cloudiness this morning, I am feeling much better now.

One very small thing turned my whole day around. It was like magic. Not the kind of magic that happens when you fall in love, but the kind of magic that happens in the Claritin commercials where the sky is suddenly bluer... or something. I went and got my nails done on my lunch break.

That in itself it always a high point whenever it happens, but I usually don't go at lunch and I never go to strange places. I've been going to see Mimi for 5 years. I love her, and she knows how I love my nails so I never have to tell her. Well, unfortunately for that situation, we moved and it is physically impossible for me to EVER see Mimi again. So I've been testing the waters in our new neighborhood looking for someone new to make me feel pretty and polished. So far, the search has not gone well.

As stupid as it may sound, what's going on at the ends of your hands effects so many of the things you do. I'm a web designer and also work some in print media, so needless to say I spend alot of time on the computer. When my hands are messed up, so is everything. Maybe that's why I was in a bad mood this morning- they had gotten too long, and the most recent in the string of nail technician auditions did not go as well as I would have hoped.

Anyway, back to the story. I did a google search for a salon near my office just on the off chance I could pop in at lunch. Even though I have never been in and out of ANY salon in less than an hour, I figured it was worth being late back to work from lunch just to get some relief. And this is why it rocked:

Less than 3 miles from my office.
In and Out in under 30 minutes.
The best looking nails I've ever had.
Even better than Mimi.
And I still had time to grab food and get back to work on time.

It's truly the smallest things in life that can make or break your day. Thank goodness for the small things. :)

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