Thursday, May 28, 2009

what's old is new.

Remember my old blog I mentioned several weeks ago? (floundering in blog land)

Well, since blogger, google, and blogspot have completely failed to help me crack into my old account, I decided it was time to find a better solution. Luckily, the "new" blogger lets you edit your post times, so I merged them all together! The only downside was that I lost all of my comments... of course I lost all of the comments from the blogs I imported from myspace and facebook too, so I guess that's no biggie.

In the very oldest section of Rachael's Carrma are several blogs from 2002-2005 freshly imported to rest here with the other random musings I've posted. Some of them are pretty great, and some of them are just ventings of a youngster. In any case, they're ALL now here together and that makes me feel complete. :)


  1. Someone suggested backing up blog posts. I think I will do that.

  2. ugh that painfully, loosing comments! I LOVE my commenters, they MAKE my day! :-/ I'm sorry you lost the get them back!! :) (new ones!)

  3. Hey!! I hope you have a fabulous weekend! Is so gloomy by me right now :( but its still only 7 am :)