Thursday, December 10, 2009

cruising part 2- Key West

So our first stop on our cruise in November was in Key West. We had never been there before, but were really excited about going to see Ernest Hemmingway's house, and even found a Caribbean Pirate Soul Museum that we wanted to check out.

I never realized how small Key West is, but it's such a sweet little island! When we docked, hubby and I rented bicycles and rode all over the place. Here are some pics from our day:

The Hemmingway House

View of the front of the house

I would KILL for this wrap around porch!!

Orchids hanging from the trees...

Really cool looking flower... have no idea what it is. Does anyone??

From the Hemmingway House:
Ornate little elephants surrounding the pool @ Hemmingway's house.

Sweet little altar in the garden, I think we will come back here and renew our vows someday!

me & my honey in the garden

Cute little sitting area under the trees.

Hubby on the footbridge in the garden.

Ernest Hemmingway's actual desk and typewriter.

If you did not know, Ernest Hemmingway is a cat lover. He brought to his home many many polydactyl cats (cats with multiple toes, 5, 6, and 7 per foot even, who can swim, grab things, etc.) Anyway, part of his legacy was to leave the estate to the cats where they would be welcome to live, play, and procreate for the life of the estate. Currently, there are over 45 cats living on property, and they pretty much have free run of the place. It was really fun to see them everywhere and of course love on them when I got the opportunity!

Kitty in the garden (look at his feet! he had 6 toes on each foot)

another poly kitty

this one was sunning himself in the window ;)

This is Charlie Chaplin, Hemmingway liked to name his cats for famous people. I can see why this one was Charlie, can you see his little mustache??

They sure don't mind posing for the camera!

How could I resist loving on these sweet kitties?!?

I think he's contemplating a swim ;)

Like any other museum/house, there were signs posted everywhere to not sit on the furniture, or cross the barriers, or touch the fabrics... but this guy lives above the law!! He sure did look comfy, and the guide said this is his "regular" spot... he doesn't share with the other cats!

The kitty cemetery, see the stones for Willard Scott and Marilyn Monroe? Hemmingway had quite the sense of humor!

The lighthouse across the street from the Hemmingway House... Ernest used to tell people he bought this house here because the lighthouse would always help him find his way home from his favorite bar in town. haha!

His favorite bar, that's still hoppin'... Sloppy Joe's

It was such a cool thing to see... and I'm a big fan of Hemmingway, so I might be a little biased, but it was really cool! Here's a couple more random pics from the day...

My sis-in-law bike riding in town. I wish we had pics of hubby and I riding our bikes... it was so much fun, and a great way to get around!

My handsome hubby trying to figure out how to bring this boat home with us, haha!


  1. Wow, thanks for taking us along on your vacation. I have yet to make it to Key West. We had reservations at one point but had to cancel them. Very interesting how he left his house to cats.

    Very cute couple, btw!

  2. Aww thanks!! I think you guys would really love it! I really wish we had had more than just a day there, as there is just so much to see and do, you could never do it all in just a day. The weather when we were there was perfect too (mid-Nov.)... warm enough to wear summer clothes, but not so hot it was uncomfortable.