Monday, December 14, 2009


"In the beginning was the Word,
and the Word was with God,
and the Word was God."
-Gospel of John

"the om"

the sacred and mystical sanskrit word

om is the breath of god
the first sound of creation

according to tradition,
everything manifested
comes from the primordial vibration
which is symbolized by

all material objects
all living beings
including each of us,

all spiritual teachings and knowledge

is the primo mobile

om is seen as the first manifestation
of the unmanifested god

om is the eternal world of god,
the supreme unmanifested divine being

om is the sound of all creation
it is a prayer unto itself

om appears in vedic sanskrit
as a word of solemn affirmation
and respectful assent

the sutras of paranjali state that
om is the supreme name of god
and it cannot have any meaning
other than god

they also say that remembering om
and it's meaning
will make the devotee happy and focused
on the enlightened path

represents the supreme being,
the past, present and future
are all included in this one sound

it is a timeless mantra

whosoever meditates on this one syllable
obtains all that they desire

we are spiritual beings
conceived through the sound of creation
born from the music of the spheres
we are one with all creation

the way be view ourselves can broaden our
sense of who we are
and help us appreciate ourselves
as brave spirits on an important mission
to learn and grow here on earth

remembering that we are spiritual beings
is part of the work that we are here on earth to do

each of us carries within us
the capacity to change the world
in small ways to better or worse

remembering who we are
can give us the patience to persevere

in this way, we realize that
om symbolizes the infinite and divine being
and that we are made of light and pure energy

all human are beings of energy,
vibrating at unique and beautiful frequencies
like divine notes
in the symphony of the universe

life is the province of learning
and the wisdom we acquire throughout our lives
is the reward of our existence

earth school provides us with an education
for the heart and soul

when we acknowledge that
growth is an integral part of life,
and that attending earth school is the responsibility
of every individual
we understand that we are harmonious melodies
in the symphony of the spheres

and we can openly and joyfully
look for the blessings buried in the difficulties
we face every day

as we traverse the winding roads
that lead us from birth to death,
experience is our patience teacher

the idea of flow

the om

reflects on the fact that
things are not rigid and fixed

the flow of energy in this universe
does not always have a human agenda
or your personal agenda
as its primary focus

we must realize that we are intimately connected
to a larger rhythm
a greater voice
a universal flow

this wisdom we accrue
will bless us

may you be blessed!
om shanti om

we are the jewel in the heart of the lotus
we beseech the wisdom
of all enlightened beings,
past and future

may the four immeasurable minds
grow in the hearts and minds of all beings

may we know the true,
clear light of liberation

om mani padme om

we are one

"I am you; you are ME.
You are the waves, I am the ocean.
Know this and be free, be Divine."
-Sri Sathya Sai Baba


**taken from Humanity Healing,**


  1. Beautiful Rachael, and I agree with this with all of my heart.


  2. Thanks! It gives me peace anytime I need it. :)