Sunday, October 16, 2005

drunk dialing.

Ok, so I have officially decided that I must CEASE with the drunk dialing.  It almost always involves calling the ex and making a complete fool of myself.  Why I feel the need to do this, I do not know, but it never fails... every weekend I go through the same motions. 

So last night I come home nice and sauced up ready for a real heart-to-heart with the man and lo and behold, he is not answering his phone! In my drunken mind this can only mean one thing... he's obviously screwing some other girl already. So after numerous calls gone unanswered, I decide to leave a message speaking my mind on this subject.  I think it pretty much went along the lines of slurring many words and making the accusation that I believed he was at the present moment occupied in bed with one of the hoochies that has been chasing him around since the day I met him. 

What's funny though, is after this lovely, several minute long message, I decide I feel guilty about this little maneuver and want to call back and apologize for my retardedness.  Well, this was a problem seeing as my mutiple long-winded messages have at this point somehow completely filled up his voicemailbox and I can no longer fix my little slip-up.  

So great, now I just look like a complete idiot and have to sit back and wait for him to call me and tell me so.  Lovely! I think I need an intervention..

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