Wednesday, March 12, 2008

borrowed excerpt.

My friend Allison posted this on her blog & I really liked it. I think people take things in their lives for granted every day. Once in a while, it doesn’t hurt to step back and re-evaluate your situation from a different perspective.


"There’s an old story about Jeb and the flood that tells us something important about faith.

Old Jeb was trapped on his roof as the floodwaters were rising around his house. As he sat there, a neighbor passed by in his rowboat, offering to take him to higher ground. "Don’t worry about me," said Jeb. "I have faith: The Lord will protect me." A while later, the floodwaters still rising, a rescue squad arrived in a powerboat and ordered Jeb to evauate. "No need," Jeb insisted. "My faith is strong. I’ll be fine." A few hours later, when the waters reached the eaves, a National Gaurd helicopter hovered overhead and lowered a line. But Jeb wouldn’t grab hold. "The Lord will provide," he said. Not too long after, Jeb’s house went under, and Jeb with it. When he arrived at the pearly gates, he was none too pleased. "Lord, I had such faith in you!" Jeb cried. "How could you have abandoned me?" "Abandon you?" replied the Lord. "What are you talking about? I sent you a rowboat, a powerboat and a helicopter!"

Like many of us, Jeb had great faith, but it was a faith built only upon miracles that come with flashes of light and trumpet blasts. In truth, God often responds to our faith in humbler ways. It might be a kind driver who lets us merge when we’re stressed from sitting in heavy traffic. Or it could be a newspaper article that describes a support group we desperatly need. Or perhaps it comes in a song on the radio that brings us a cherished, fortifying memory. Each day, angels visit the doorsteps of the faithful, leaving gifts that quietly offer God’s grace, comfort and protection. All we have to do is reconize them and pick them up."

The moral of the story:
Don’t let the opportunities in life pass you by, seize them! You may never get them again...

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