Monday, March 10, 2008


To all Houston comics:

I have been receiving emails, myspace messages, and angry voicemails from comics all over Houston and the surrounding areas regarding this Montreal thing tonight. Please allow me to clarify, so that you all understand the situation here:

Unfortunately, there are only 10 spots on the showcase this year. To be honest, I've been getting alot of emails about tonight and I just don't know where to start. 

Montreal has a pretty tight squeeze on this thing. They came to me and asked me to put together a showcase for an audition, and then they came back and told me that they had this list of people that they wanted to see on the showcase. So... it was kind of a weird situation. Some of the people on the list I don't even know how they know about, but that really only left me with a couple of choices to fill.

If not to make things more complicated, they also provided me a criteria in my selection process, further limiting my choices, and putting me in a bad position with alot of the comics. (Believe me, I've heard from plenty of you to know that you're all upset.)

I'm trying to make sure that everyone understands the situation, because they all seem to be mad at me, and I'm really not the one pulling the strings in this case. This is unfortunately, one of those times when I just have to come to grips with the fact that I can't please everyone all the time. 

What I AM trying to emphasize to everyone is that he is supposed to be here all night, AND Colleen McGarr is coming in town with him so it would be to everyones benefit to be here for open mic. There's always the off chance that he'll see something he likes and want to get in touch further. Colleen is one of our booking agents (Rich Miller's partner) and she also works with the Austin club, and several other venues across the country. She is a very powerful contact to have.

Obviously I can't make any promises because I just really don't know what's going to happen, but it certainly couldn't hurt to come and also be prepared with press kit, etc. If nothing else, chatting with Colleen is always beneficial too. :)

My apologies again,

Rachael :)

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