Friday, March 27, 2009


I've been seeing quite a few blogs lately talking about home. Marriage, family life, having babies, etc. I then wonder who started this and why is it now every married couple's responsibility to have a blog documenting their lives? Do we not EVER talk to each other any more? 

When I think about my closest friends, I realize that the majority of our communication these days happens via facebook, text message, email, and myspace; kinda weird. But we all get busy, life gets complicated and it's hard to keep up. I supposed without the wonderful modern inventions we are so lucky to have access to, we may lose track of the people we love- and that would be tragic.

Maybe it's my turn to talk about home. I just don't want to. I'm afraid it's just going to come out sounding gushy and well, boring, to everyone else. What I love most about home is just being there. We finally made it into a new house, and not a moment too soon. Our previous house (rent house) was pretty damaged by Ike back in September, and our deadbeat landlord was too busy trying to scam the insurance company to bother with fixing anything for us. After 6 months with holes in the roof, missing fences, mold growing in the attic making us sick constantly, and no word from her... we bailed. Her insurance agent gave us the thumbs up on that one when he came back around, which was nice, but we had moved out the day before that anyway!

Now we're up in Spring, away from the crud of the city, the ghetto people who seem to pop up everywhere down there, and the bars on our windows. I like it here. Everyone is so nice and friendly everywhere you go. The first week we were here, it seemed that we were constantly taken aback by the friendliness and helpfulness of people in stores, restaurants, fast food joints, really just everywhere! How sad is it that we have to be so excited about that? It just goes to show you how sad a state things are in when the shitty service is the norm.

So I guess, in a nutshell, life is pretty good. It's really surprising how large a role your surroundings play in your life. I feel like we are real grown ups now, finally settled. Now all we need is a baby. ;)

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