Monday, March 30, 2009

that space between the weekend.

Ah yes, Monday morning... The dull beginning to that space on the calendar that lies between the weekends. I think the weekends should be 3 days. It seems like that would be a much more realistic balance between the things you have to do and the things you want to do. I always feel like I'm getting cheated.

You mean, I have to go to work and serve someone else for 5 days, and in return all I get is a measly 2 days to myself?? That just doesn't make sense. But then again, I don't make the rules. Maybe Mr. O would like to give this scenario a stab since he seems to be hell bent on giving the people "what they want" no matter how ridiculous the request. That, however, is another blog entirely.

I find that Mondays are an excellent opportunity for reflection. Today, I am spending a few moments be thankful that I didn't die.

Amid my industrious endeavors this weekend, I found myself flat on my rear, one knee deep in the deck, with a pair of branch shears in my hands. It's a miracle I did not impale myself with those shears, but somehow I managed to toss them to the side as I was tumbling to the ground. Looks like the deck needs some board replacement, as they are definitely rotted in that section, LOL. Luckily, I walked away with a bruised ankle bone and not a sprain or a break, but it sure did hurt like hell.

My reward for not killing myself: a hot bubble bath and a nap. ;) The more I thought about it, the luckier I realized I was. That situation could have gone badly in so many ways, and I am just thankful it didn't. Now... I guess I'll jump head first into the dim space between the weekends and try to power through until Friday!!

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