Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Motivation is like sex drive (well, at least from a female perspective.) It kind of comes and goes. And when it's there, it's like the only thing you can think about, and you're totally dedicated to every facet of the process. When it goes, you can't remember what you were all worked up about before anyway.

I've been feeling that way about my job lately. It's been so difficult to stay motivated, because everything around here is so unorganized.

When I was hired, I took a few weeks to really learn the business and dive in head first. After that, I was bored. I was tripling the previous sales margins, and signing huge clients left and right. Great, huh? BORING! I had been piddling with minor projects here and there, database organization, a system for inventory tracking, more marketing projects... but it still wasn't enough.

After only 3 months of working here, I pitched an idea for a new division of the company to my boss. Turns out, she loved it and was looking to do something along those lines in the future anyway. How thrilled she was with me and my ideas and my executions! Yay! Finally something interesting to do. Long story short... things are up and running, duties have been delegated and I'm bored again.


I don't know what it is that I need to stay motivated, but this is not cutting it. I feel like I'm wasting my time and commuting an hour each way to do so. What's worse is that the pay is not even that great. Not good enough to stay very long, but not so bad that I would leave hastily. I'm stuck in mediocre HELL. Help!

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